Gabriele Nardi

Scultore per vocazione e formazione

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Gabriele Nardi was born in Florence in 1972. After art school, he graduated to Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara in 1998.

Sculptor by vocation and training, he has devoted years to its study, in the typical atmosphere that breathes only in neighbourhoods Oltrarno Florentine, traditional home of artists and artisans. 
Gabriele is a free space in the field of sculpture, using each subject, from the marble ceramic until broz. He works with a clerical fascinating technique of lost wax.

The production of Nardi emerges a strong sculptural tradition of the ancient Florentine schools and a deep knowledge of classical themes.

His sculpture instinctive and material are making a great couple nowadays. The story, giving a current decorative taste in classical themes. It's not a surprise that his works are commissioned by both public and private to enrich their environments.

Studio: Via del Campuccio 12r 
50125 Florence

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